Allergy and Asthma
We identify the exact allergens you're reacting to. We can do skin or blood testing to identify specific allergans. Then we customize a treatment plan. Some patients might simply need a nasal spray. Others, we do subcutaneous immunotherapy on. One of our most popular options is sublingual immunotherapy drops.
The right imaging, right away. Depending on the diagnosis, different imaging types are needed. There's the low cost and quick X-Ray, the high qualityimages from our CT scanner, MRIs where we want a close look without the radiation, and ultrasound for some soft tissue images. We have all of these, all just a step down the hall. Skip having to go across the city for an appointment weeks away. We can get id done here and now.
Phyical Therapy
Phyical therapy services are available on-site for all patient needs, including disorders of the spine and extermities. Specific balance training and lymphedema management are specialized services that are offered. Massage therapy, manipulation, and biofeedback/neuromuscular reeducation are available depending upon diagnosis.
Family Care
Chronic Care Management
Care is coordinated to develop personalized treatment plans. Specialized care including educational modules are available for those patients with two or more chronic conditions. At as minimum we contact each patient monthly to checkup on their wellbeing and ensure quality care.
Urgent Care
Walk-in care is available on a routine basis, allowing patients access to medical evaluations for all of their needs.
On site testing allows for rapid and easy review of results. Specimens are drawn in the office so that patients do not have to go to an outside collection site.
Spinal Stimulation
Spinal Stimulaiton is available for pain beginning in the spinal cord, such as post-laminectomy syndrome. Newer technologies allows for placement of an electrode in the neural foramen, allowing targeted treatment of different types of sciatica.
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
We utilize Peripheral Nerve Stimulation to alleviate pain virtually anywhere in the body. Specifically, pain in the ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands are amenable to this type of treatment. Unlike prior technologies, stimulators are placed at these peripheral sites rather than in the spinal cord.
Women's Care
Preventative services such as cancer screening are provided by knowledgeable practitioners. Birth control, hormone replacement, and osteoporosis screening are some of the services available.
Diabetes Care
Management included the classical treatments such as oral medications and injectable insulin products, but also more recent technologies such as insuling pumps and continious glucose monitoring. On-site testing is available for neuropathy, and referrals for retinopathy. Pain management is also available for painful diabetic neuropathy.
Treatment and management of this complex disorder is provided through a team approach. Patients will have access to phyiscal therapy, massage therapy, biofeedback, manipulation, trigenics, yoga, and mindfullness techniques that will sllow the individual to cope with their condition. Specialty and primary care is avaialble in our approach.
A multidisciplanry treatment appoach is offered that include accurate diagnosis, medication management, physical thrapy, biofeedback, and accupuncture as appropriate.Treatment for headache eradication and prevention are available, including Tryptans, IV infusion therapy, Botox injections, Amovig, Emgality, and inhaled oxygen.
Pain Management
We use a multidisciplanary pain management approach, consistent with the laws and regulations of the state of New Mexico. Accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of successful treatment. Diagnostic blocks,treatment blocks, radiofrequency procedures, and peripheral and spinal nerve stimulation are available. Treatment appoaches are tailored to the individual patient.
EMG/Nerve Condution Studies
Specialty evaluation and performance of these diagnositic tests are provided through board certified professionals to acheive diagnostic accuracy.
Worker's Compensation
Specialized services for employers and individualized care for injured workers has always been a focus at our facility.
Motor-Vehicle Accidents
Our providers are knowledgeable about the various injries that can result from a motor-vehicle accident. A caring and comprehensive approach is utilized to ensure high quality care.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Expert management of neuromuscular diseases, multiple schlerosis, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputations, multiple trauma,joint disorders, joint replacement aftercare, arthritis and allied conditions is routinely available.